The first comprehensive cross-chain asset integration trading platform ecosystem

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Dear Chocoswap community members,

        Here is an explainer video on how to use Chocoswap to carry out Aggregated transactions on Huobi ecosystem.

Dear Chocoswap community members,

       Affected by international network fluctuations, some areas may not be able to browse the main website smoothly. For this reason, we have set up backup websites and Thank you for your support.

Dear Chocoswap community,

       Chocoswap Smart contract Audit is completed by QuillHash, Full audit report here. Thanks to QuillHash for the report.

Comprehensive Cross-chain Asset Integration Trading

Chocoswap is the first comprehensive cross-chain asset integration trading platform ecosystem, which will aggregate all existing public chains including Ethereum, Polkadot, Ontology, NEO, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Heco, Okchain, etc. Through cutting-edge cross-chain technology, it will realize cross-chain and aggregate transactions of digital assets on various public chains, and develop a series of derivative financial instrument based on DEX contract.

VNLA(the governance token)

VNLA is the governance token in the Chocoswap ecosystem. VNLA has no founder shares, and no VC interests – it has completely equal opportunities for staking distribution to attract a broad and like-minded community to steward the future of the protocol and token. The total number of VNLA is 21 Million. 

High scalability

A unique infrastructure will provide Chocoswap with enhanced Layer 2 scalability to undertake more transactions than existing decentralized exchanges, offering users a much smoother experience.

Cross-chain integrated transaction

Chocoswap will aggregate existing public chains to achieve full ecosystem interconnection. Unlike existing protocols, Chocoswap will not rely on third parties to judge cross-chain transactions, but will directly conduct safe and reliable cross-chain transactions. Through Chocoswap, users can achieve fast transactions between different digital assets in different ecosystems.

Order book

A completely decentralized order book mechanism, which will not only allow traders to fully control their orders, but also automatically match them on the chain. 

Decentralized identity

A decentralized identity system will help Chocoswap establish a decentralized and trustless credit system for all financial actions in the ecosystem.A decentralized identity system will help Chocoswap establish a decentralized and trustless credit system for all financial actions in the ecosystem.

Yield Farming

Chocoswap, like some other DEXes, has the function of yield farming. The governance token VNLA will be produced through yield farming.

Ecological Incentive

Cross-chain multi-token mining

Starting from the second phase, Chocoswap will start cross-chain mining. Through cross-chain technology, Chocoswap will be integrated into other chains for yield farming. Users can get rewards by providing liquidity.

Transaction Mining

In addition to liquidity mining, users can also enjoy VNLA rewards by providing transaction volume in different pools. The transaction fees you pay will be paid back in the form of VNLA. The more you trade, the more rewards you will get. 

Dividends and buyback

50% of net profits will be used to buyback and burn VNLA, while the other 50% will be distributed to VNLA holders. 

Referral program

Chocoswap will be the first decentralized exchange with a complete referral program.

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